how to avoid Arrogant Attitude And Proud

6 Kick To Not Arrogant and proud. Haughty and arrogant attitude can happen to anyone: I, you, us, him and them. Again, it can happen to anyone. Phrases such as' if it was not me, which might be! ',' Fortunately there I otherwise wah danger .. ',' I have a famous person you know! 'And' ah, she's his Koran also recently yesterday afternoon, while I was a graduate religious colleges' and a number of other terms, is an indication of the attitude of arrogant and proud. To tame it, need to take some things. Are as follows:

how to avoid Arrogant Attitude And Proud

1. Always remember and instill confidence that the arrogant and proud and intentions that sin. Not others who would feel bad reply from allah ta'ala but yourself

2. Sure was, vanity will not add anything other than a loss. No one likes anyone who is haughty and arrogant. Just like you and me. Actually, a person who is not arrogant like if no one else applies arrogant front. He was going to say "very arrogant" while, at the same time he was impatient that he also shows arrogant attitude, why he did not say to hisself 'Arrogant (proud) so you! "

3. Often - often was given the shortcomings themselves. On various occasions - relax, at rest, ebngong in the vehicle, a moment before bedtime, or anytime-try to think of our weaknesses compared to others. By knowing the weakness, Allah willing will appear humble attitude (tawadlu '). Conversely, without knowing the weakness, someone would feel he was the best of everything. Sundanese people call 'discouraged aing pangdadalina!' (Felt himself most gallant like an eagle).

This means do not know the advantages walkin yourself. Not like that! understand the potential and advantages of yourself is very important. However, knowing the advantages yourself not to give birth attitude despise others. Therefore, any excess that you have is a human weakness omniscience when compared with the One Almighty allah almighty has. And each of you has an advantage in that case is your weakness. how to avoid Arrogant Attitude And Proud

4. As already mentioned, maintaining arrogant (proud) nature means building a fortress barrier arrival of the truth. With the arrogant (proud), a person tends to reject the truth despite the clear front of the eye. In fact, reject the truth means locking gate change towards goodness that is geared towards happiness. Consequently, the happiness of the world and the hereafter, if so, is just a wishful thinking empty.

5. If you often mourn those who died, do not stop the habit! Aside from being the fulfillment of the command of Allah, mourn it also can be used as reflection. When mourn, try occasionally uncover the cloth covering his face. It appeared pale face with eyes closed, lips closed tightly. Terkujur bodies frozen, stiff arms folded. 

Unable to do anything. In fact, a friend or neighbor you it may be a millionaire, or perhaps a senior journalist, perhaps he is the one whose popularity is incredible, the former ruler. However, any excess does not mean anything at that time. All of her are small before God the Lord of all the worlds. If such is the reality, what more reason to brag ?!

6. Whenever appear arrogant (proud) or desire to boast, immediately ask forgiveness of Allah through the Heart Essence player. Under cover of vanity, and pray to Allah! Hopefully Allah grant.

source: medan dakwah

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