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Every human being must feel pain much less at this age, in one day most of us consume foods containing of chemicals (tasty and artificial preservatives, etc.), if there is no early attention it will impact on the immune system. Health was very expensive and many of us neglect to her, not to mention their health mafia, nauzubillah

نِعْمَتَانِ مَغْبُونٌ فِيهِمَا كَثِيرٌ مِنَ النَّاسِ: الصِّحَّةُ وَالفَرَاغُ
"Two favors that many people who neglect to both: healthy and leisure time" (Narrated by Bukhari)

Allah ta'ala that specify healings, sometimes among us convinced that doctor is cure, it is good especially a Muslim started something based guidance prophet, particularly in terms of health.

Tibbun Nabawi (Prophet healthy life style) are is rarely used as the beginning solution, including: the treatment with prayer, bee stings, Habatussauda / black seed, honey, zam-zam water, cupping, etc.

in this article, we specialize the discussion of cupping

Cupping (hijamah)

what is cupping?

Cupping is issued a dirty blood from the head, body and other body parts with a cupping tool.
How cupping ancient history?

cupping therapy has been known by variety of nations in the world since thousands of years ago. They use it as a therapy for variety of diseases.

In the buildings of worship Dynasty Pharaon (fir'aun) there are many reliefs that illustrate cupping therapy. Each nation has a different cupping method. From the past until now, some tribes used animal horns as a tool sucking blood, by punching holes in end of the horn, sucking air from inside and to plug with pasta. They call horn therapy

Roman and Greek nation using glass for the practice of cupping. They lit a fire in the glass that has been filled with a piece of cloth with suctioning. Many general public are still using this method until now. Partly people use a particular appliances that is connected to a tube filled with water and a glass pipe. They heating the water put outside water vapor and air from inside the glass.

Is there shohih proposition that rule the Muslim prophet Muhammad shallahu alahi wassalam to hijamah? Yes there is
إنْ كان في شيءٍ ممّا تداووْن خير فالحجامة
"Actually the best of what you are do to treat the disease is to do a cupping." (Narrated by. Abu Dawud, Ibnu Majah, al-Hakim dan Ahmad. look at silsilah al-ahadits ash-shahihah no.760)

From Abdullah bin Mas'ud rahimahullah, the Prophet told his at the time-isra'-right, that it is not he passes a bunch of angels but they asking his: "command members of a religious (Muslims) to do a cupping."(Narrated by. At-Tirmidzi. look at silsilah al-ahadits ash-shahihah no.2263)

how many methods of cupping?

Cupping is composed of two ways, namely: dry cupping (without blood removed) and wet cupping (bleed dirty after extraction by cupping glasses range of 3-7 minutes per point using a razor blade incision or with a special needle cupping)

When is the best time for cupping?

Prophet shallahu alahi respectfully said: "Anyone who wants to hijamah, he should cupping on 17, 19, 21 (month of Hijra), it will cure any sickness." (Narrated by. Abu Dawud, al-Hakim dan al-Baihaqi. look at silsilah al-ahadits ash-shahihah no.622)

"The best that day for Muslims to Cupping is Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Should avoid hijamah on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. " (Narrated by. Ibnu Majah. look at silsilah al-ahadits ash-shahihah no.766)

When Cupping, void fasting?

Al-Haafiz in al-Fath said, "jumhur scholars say that fasting is not invalidated by cupping." Al-Haafiz also said that the Mother of the Faithful, Umm Salamah also never cupping in a state of fasting.

In chapter shohih bukhori fasting, mentioned, Bakir said of Umm 'Alqomah, "In the past we've Cupping (at the time we were fasting) in the presence of' Aisha, so we were not prohibited."

What are some diseases that can be cured by cupping the permission of Allah Ta'ala?

Among them: to increase the productivity of the ovaries (fertility) for KB (big family / 2 children is not enough) allergies, insomnia (trouble sleeping), stress, menstruation circulation is not smooth, stroke because clogging of blood vessels of the brain, barren, to help leave cigarettes, varicose veins, improve memory, paralysis, sickness of the uterus,, chronic cough, impotence, etc.

Are there any prohibitions cupping? Exist, among others:

1. Not recommended cupping for diabetics (diabetes) or bleeding, except specialist cupping really skilled.

2. Not recommended cupping to physically very weak patients, patients with skin infections evenly, if the parents do not really need it.

3. Not recommended cupping to children with dehydration (lack of fluid).

4. Not recommended cupping of patients with blood cancer.

5. Cupping let conducted at least 2 hours after eating.

6. Do not do a cupping against pregnant women in the first 3 months.

7. Not recommended did cupping in a state of very satisfied or very hungry. etc.

May provide worker wages cupping?
احتجم رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم حجمه أبو طيبة وأعطاه صاعين من طعام وكلّم مواليه فخفّفوا عنه وقال: إنّ أمثل ما تداويتم به الحجامة والقسط البحريّ
"Prophet shallahu alahi Wassalam ever in cupping, cupping her by Abu Thaibah. He gave wages 2 sha 'food. He also spoke to the master in order to relieve the tribute. He said: "It is, you are the most ideal medication is cupping and khostul bahri. '" (Narrated by. Bukhari)

Wages earned skilled cupping compensation of the time used for cupping. It applies to anyone who makes a profession cupping. But, let skilled cupping unattractive wages expensive. Many of the companions of Prophet shallahu alahi Wassalam and ulama who provide waivers related to wages skilled cupping, but they forbid withdrawals expensive wages, so that the poor and need not be able to pay it.

Are there pro - contra cupping therapy?
Of course there is, lately, cupping therapy has occupied a stand out position by the ranks of other therapeutic approaches that exist by many countries because many medication skilled who know the efficacy of cupping amazing in treating various diseases. Europe, America, Japan, China and other countries have a lot of clinics or cupping cupping therapy, whereas we do not care about this therapy method. Even some people insisted on an abortion "fetus" before birth, then buried it, so no one could hear or read about it. They call it by various names, such as alternative medicine and traditional medicine. They also dubbed the cupping therapist as frauds. Inna Lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji'un.

gentle rebukeI say to anyone who is trying hard destroy this great Sunnah, "for the sake of Allah, you do not destroy the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallaahu alahi Wassalam. you will never find goodness except by the Qur'an and sunna. Both contain the good of our world and afterlife. Cupping therapy is not dangerous. In Contrast. Cupping therapy is beneficial for every people. If you are accuse of this therapy has the potential to pass the virus and the disease, in fact today cupping is done with sterile equipment. Each Pasian use cupping own cutter and equipment that is used only for him and after sterilized once again, thrown away, and then use other equipment. By Allah, do not hide the truth while you know. "
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