little hafidz sheikh Rashid age of 7 years from pekanbaru learn autodidact

the positive side we can take away from the little hafidz TV program organized by RCTI such as

1. The emergence of Indonesian Muslims awareness about the importance of memorizing the Quran
2. turns out many emerging hafidz because consciousness themselves in times strong westernization (follow western lifestyle) but still istiqomah (constancy).
actually many uniqueness of the hafidz children appeared but because admin rarely watch and happened to see a video uploaded in the one Islamic group on facebook so interested for watch and published into this blog because this is part of the da'wah.

This is a screenshot of a video that I took at the video.

name is Rashid, why named sheikh Rashid?

due to the addition of the name given by sheikh ali, which is one of the juries at the event due to his admiration of the sheikh Rashid, his hope that more and more people such as his, amin :).
temporary results I have seen that the amount views of other names to watch more than 46,000, and ma sya allah. sheikh Rashid comes from pekanbaru capital of Riau, brought his parents to participant the little Tahfidz program RCTI TV .

admin admiration for sheikh Rashid imperceptibly moved to tears (frank nihh), after listening to the narrative of the Sheikh Rashid's mother about her son with compassion comes from the honesty of his heart, cries of takbir "allahu akbar" adds to the atmosphere of emotion and spirit sheikh Rashid repeat hisself takbir.

uniqueness of sheikh Rashid of many participants are
1. since the age of 6 months of the first utterance sentence allah
2. The autodidact memorization learning and Arabic
3. The mother came from among the laity
4. appearance descent arabia
5. have a passion islam high
6. confident
7. has a tunable voice
8. can imitate the sound of imam's prayer world

Please be listened to at the video below

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